Open Map Based Information Platform (OMBIP)
The Open Map Based Information Platform (OMBIP) is a software package that includes a reader, a server, and a back-end database data management and integration studio. The three applications together provide cutting-edge solutions to:

  • the viewing and indexing of extremely large images
  • the piecing together of several extremely large images to form a mosaic image
  • the sharing of extremely large images over a network
  • the integration of distributed information nondestructively and visually onto Remote Sensing (RS) images  More
Graphic-Aided Database Shell(GADB)
The aim of GADB is to facilitate visualizing database data using graphic objects, diagrams and geographic locations. GADB is designed especially for managing data of the objects that require to be specified with a 2D location, for example, devices in energy distribution networks, house resources in a real estate company.  More

QueryShell is an advanced database query tool to help generate complex queries without any programming for all ODBC-connectable DBMS. Advanced features include

  • generating query report tables into user specified DBMS; which can be directly used for further queries.
  • setting up multi-dimension conditions for a complex query task to generate its query results in one step;
  • preview of data samples and database table structures.   More
Power System Shell (PSS)
PSS is a special edition of GADB, designed for power system information management. PSS provides users with full database management facilities and tools for drawing distribution network diagrams with geographic background. Using PSS users can easily get access to distribution network diagrams and data, interface third party calculation programs and analyze management strategies. More

Reveal Earth CD
The original RS image of the earth "Blue Marble" created by NASA has been processed and organized using InforShell's cutting edge OMBIP technology, enabling users to view and navigate this image effectly on a PC from a CD. The quality of this image is over 4 times greater in clearity and detail than that of MapRoamer's Internet edition, as well as much faster in access speeding running on a local CD-ROM.  More