InforShell Technologies Inc., an innovative leading-edge database image technology and software development company, was founded in 1995.

InforShell Technologies Inc. specializes in open map based information platform, graphic-aided database and dynamic SQL technologies. Using ODBC,dynamic SQL and socket technologies, InforShell products provide users with Internet enabled multiple database accessibility, dynamic SQL function and graphic database entries.

InforShell's leading-edge technologies support decomposing and storing large geographic maps and RS images as well as distribution network diagrams into multiple database systems. The size of the maps, images and diagrams are free from the restriction of the host computer internal memory resources. Therefore it enables managing very large scale RS images or distribution networks on PC platforms, and sharing the information over the Internet.

With InforShell SQL utilities, a series of dialog boxes is employed for specifying complex data query conditions and generating corresponding SQL statement automatically. This could help users who are not computer-professionals easily use dynamic SQL techniques to work with multiple databases.

InforShell's major products include Open Map Based Information Platform - a solution for publishing map-based information through the Internet, Graphic-Aided Database Shell - database data visualizing and management studio, Power System Shell - power distribution network information management system, QueryShell - data query tool, and RevealEarth series - CD/DVD-ROMs, including True Color Elevation, VisibleDEM, True Color Globe (formerly Reveal Earth CD). InforShell also provides an Internet service  MapRoamer  for the public to share map-based information and RS images.