NEW!  Trend View
An efficient, visual and easy-to-use spreadsheet. Handles large amounts of data for inspection of data trends and search and analysis of points of interest. Users have mouse-driven data browse on the spreadsheet and visualizations (e.g line graphs, 3D plots) from generated color index. Supports data exchange with MS-Excel and Matlab, and data retrieval from most commercial databases. more

Horizontal 90m resolution visual DEM database of China, Japan, Korea.

True Color Elevations
Roam true color global imagery and interactive 3D visualization of earth land elevation at 1km ground resolution. Image and 3D textured plot have longitude-latitude and elevation display at 1m vertical resolution. Data source: the Blue Marble from NASA, and the GLOBE digital elevation model from NGDC. more

InforShell data processing technology was applied to GLOBE to create VisibleDEM: 1m vertical resolution, 1km ground resolution, false color elevation images that effectively present GLOBE DEM as visual information. more

RevealEarth - True Color Globe (formerly Reveal Earth)
See planet Earth from space, and visualize the forests and deserts of the world. Go to InforShell's  MapRoamer  web site, select Reveal Earth | Satellite image in the MapRoamer browser and roam NASA's Blue Marble (full color, 1 km resolution satellite image of the earth, image size=7x14 m²) online with MapRoamer. For an uncompressed (maximum quality) version, see details about  RevealEarth - True Color Globe CD.

InforShell's leading-edge technology supports decomposing and storing large geographic maps and RS images as well as distribution network diagrams into multiple database systems. The size of the maps, images and diagrams are free from the restriction of the host computer internal memory resources. Therefore it enables managing very large scale RS images or distribution networks on PC platforms, and sharing the information over the Internet.

InforShell's products include

InforShell's Internet service  MapRoamer  provides the public with share map-based information and RS images.